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Pioneering Medicines

Mabion S.A. is the first Polish biotechnology company and the only one in the country that has the innovation among its achievements. It was established in March 2007. On the basis of the Company’s creation laid the idea of ​​initiating activities in the area of ​​the economy founded on knowledge and technology. Mabion is based on the concept of combination of the latest achievements in science, research, technological and analytical projects management and implementation of the innovative management involving integration of science, technological and managerial knowledge.The core business is the development and implementation of the latest generation of biotech drugs based on monoclonal antibody technology.This therapeutic class is today a foundation to combat the most serious diseases thanks to two unique features - the specificity and safety.These drugs have the ability to recognize a cancer causing factor and to interact selectively only with it. This feature fits in with the concept of targeted therapies, in line with the global trend of personalized medicine.Another benefit to the patient is an extremely low toxicity of the therapy. It is obtained through a proper engineering of the drug’s structure, resembling the molecule of a patient's organism. As a result, the immune system treats the antibody protein as its own.



Mabion was created by the four domestic pharmaceutical companies: Celon Pharma from Łomianki, one of the leading manufacturers of the oncology drugs in Poland, Polfarmex from Kutno, which is the national leader in the prescription drugs, IBSS Biomed Krakow, Poland's largest and important in Europe vaccines’ manufacturer, and Genexo from Warsaw operating in the market of medicines and medical products, mainly in the field of diabetes. Mabion was also created by two entities conducting research in the field of biotechnology: BioCentrum and Biotech Consulting.


Innovative Research

The basis for the development of innovative drugs is the knowledge and competences in science and research. Mabion built an experienced team of scientists from the areas of biotechnology, molecular biology, chemistry, etc., capable of facing any challenges on the design and manufacture of biotech drugs. Currently, our team is working on several biosimilar and innovative drugs.

The Company’s project of the most priority is the introduction to market the MabionCD20 drug, biosimilar medicine to MabThera (Rituximab). The therapeutic indications for the drug are for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Leukemia and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).


Integrated Company

Mabion is one of few biopharmaceutical companies that has a competence of comprehensive development and implementation of any biotech drugs - from the design phase, through the selection of a platform and manufacturing technologies, by the production and registration of the finished drug.

Our analysis and observations indicate that the integration of the particular areas of a product development is critical for the effective implementation of the project. Hence, we are not a company acting on the principle of outsourcing.

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