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Mabion S.A. pursues a policy of equal opportunities for all employees, in terms of sex, race or age. Neither job descriptions nor remuneration levels are differentiated depending on any of the above factors. Employees are evaluated based on their competence and periodical performance appraisals. The Company actively pursues a policy of protection of pregnant women and women on maternity leave, granting them a number of special rights. Where necessary, female employees who are pregnant, have recently given birth to a child or who are breastfeeding are transferred to positions which do not pose risks to their health. We also draw attention to the fact that the Company respects parental rights of female and male employees alike, i.e. the right to additional childcare leave (Article 188 of the Labour Code).

The Company employs people of various ages. Religion does not affect employment, either, as religious issues are not discussed during the recruitment process or employment. Therefore Mabion has been pursuing an equal employment opportunity policy in various dimensions of its operation since its incorporation. The Company’s policy is rooted in the European Union’s Directives (including, among other things, Council Regulation (EC) No. 1083/2006).


Each employee of the Company has access to his/her rights and obligations and values embedded in our corporate culture, which translates into clarity and transparency of mutual expectations and rules of conduct in everyday work. Mabion S.A. aspires to creating a work environment based on respect and mutual trust. Each employee:

  • knows his or her duties;
  • may engage in an open and constructive dialogue about his or her performance;
  • may count on professional development assistance;
  • is recognized and rewarded based on merit (basic pay system, plus performance bonuses and motivational trips;
  • may voice his or her opinion and contributes to improving his or her team’s performance;
  • is treated fairly and respectfully, and not discriminated against;
  • feels supported in pursuing his or her personal priorities.


Mabion S.A.’s recruitment policy ensures equal opportunities for all those interested in getting a job with the Company. In particular, the following rules apply to recruitment:

  • recruitment period is sufficiently long for all interested persons to respond to a job offer;
  • recruitment advertisements are published in various media (industry media, the Internet, the corporate website), which ensures that the advertisement reaches a wider audience of potentially interested persons;
  • no preferred sex of applicants is stated in advertisements;
  • the same criteria are laid down for all job applicants regardless of their sex or other legally protected status or general social opinions;
  • no questions about marital status, family-starting or family-enlargement plans, and availability are asked.


Mabion S.A. builds a culture based on values common to everybody. Key values supporting the vision, mission and strategy of the company include: orientation on quality and effect of work, work culture, responsibility, communication and cooperation. The performance management model takes into account not only the achievement of business goals, but also the development of competencies based on these values.

The summary of work results is a manifestation of caring for the smooth functioning of the organization, contributes to shaping good interpersonal relations. Mutual feedback serves to build the organisational culture and cooperation of all employees. The development summary and planning have a far-reaching influence on the personal and professional development of employees and on the functioning of the organization as a whole. The Company's activities in the aspect of human capital development are visible in the increasing values of training investments dedicated to our employees.

Mabion S.A. offers prestigious specialist trainings and a series of development trainings for the managerial staff under the name Akademia Mabion [Mabion Academy].

In addition to the development of professional competences, the company provides the employees with access to career-building meetings and workshops in the area of personal development, management of personal resources, personal brand-building.

Cooperation with a professional coach ensures that the employees have unlimited access to professional aid in crisis cases and in situations requiring support.


Mabion S.A. believes that acquisition and retention of good employees requires more than just competitive remuneration and a stimulating work environment. The Company also addresses the work-life balance aspects. Therefore, the Company promises to be fully open to employees’ work-life balance initiatives. Projects will be managed in equal measure by men and women, depending on their qualifications and competition results.

While treating all of its employees equally, the Company promotes a culture of diversity, which should be understood as respect for values and religions, opinions, experiences and rights of each employee to his or her own opinion.

In order to ensure good relations and commitment in Mabion S.A., starting from 2018, the employee motivation survey will be conducted.

Motivated work and work-life balance of employees in a constantly evolving organization is one of the most important investments in the future. From September 2017, the team of Mabion S.A. benefits from support in the area of staff development. Professional development projects for all employees are implemented with the help of the Professional Development Specialist.

Continued efforts to train employees are yet another dimension. Relevant departments are the starting point for the training programme. Away training days and one on one training are managed by relevant business units. Each employee has equal access to the professional education programme and may decide about the type and pace of promotions on his or her own. High appraisal scores and laboratory or process work experience level predispose employees to be included in the semi-annual promotion procedure. The promotion procedure envisages professional development in terms of scientific, process or functional positions. Process and quality control position exams are held in writing and it is on their basis that employees are promoted, while functional position exams are oral or written. The Company makes it possible for employees to continually improve their qualifications by supporting training initiatives and assisting employees in taking and completing PhD courses. This policy ensures that employees are fully committed to the Company and their jobs.

The above corporate policy is being continually developed as the Management Board of Mabion S.A. uses its best efforts for Mabion to remain an attractive and competitive employer.

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